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JCDE는 2014년 1월 창간하는 학회 영문논문집

또한, 발표논문 검색, 논문제출 및 심사, 구독을 할 수 있도록 별도의 홈페이지(www.jcde.org)를 운영하고 있습니다.
  • 발행 : 년4회, 1,4,7,10 월 1 일
  • 크기 : 4 x 6배판
Journal of Computational Design and Engineering(JCDE) is a new peer-reviewed international journal that aims to provide academia and industry with a venue for rapid publication of research papers reporting innovative computational methods and applications to achieve a major breakthrough, practical improvements, and bold new research directions within a wide range of design and engineering. JCDE welcomes and acknowledges high quality original research papers from all disciplines
Topics of interest but are not limited to:
  • Field specific issues in mechanical, aerospace, shipbuilding, industrial, architectural, plant, and civil engineering as well as industrial design
  • Geometric modeling and processing, solid and heterogeneous modeling, computational geometry, features, and virtual prototyping
  • Computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, and scientific visualization
  • Human modeling and engineering, user interaction and experience, HCI, HMI, human-vehicle interaction(HVI), cognitive engineering, and human factors and ergonomics with computers
  • Knowledge-based engineering, intelligent CAD, AI and machine learning in design, and ontology
  • Product data exchange and management, PDM/PLM/CPC, PDX/PDQ, interoperability, data mining, and database issue
  • Design theory and methodology, sustainable design and engineering, concurrent engineering, and collaborative engineering
  • Digital/virtual manufacturing, rapid prototyping and tooling, and CNC machining
  • Computer aided inspection, geometric and engineering tolerancing, and reverse engineering
  • Finite element analysis, optimization, meshes and discretization, and virtual engineering
  • Bio-CAD, Nano-CAD, and medical applications
  • Industrial design, aesthetic design, new media, and design education
  • Survey and benchmark reports
학회논문 인용안내
우리학회는 영문논문집(JCDE)의 SCIE등재를 위해 적극 노력하고 있습니다.
JCDE가 SCIE로 등재되기 위해서 JCDE 또는 SCI에 등재된 타 논문집에 논문 제출시 반드시 JCDE 논문 1편 이상을 인용해 주시기 바랍니다.