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2019 Impact Factor = 3.408
Q1 in Engineering, Multidisciplinary
Journal of Computational Design and Engineering is an international SCIE journal that aims to provide academia and industry with a venue for rapid publication of research manuscripts reporting innovative computational methods and applications to achieve a major breakthrough, practical improvements, and bold new research directions within a wide range of design and engineering:
Topics of interest but are not limited to:
  • Theory and its progress in computational advancement for design and engineering
  • Development of a computational framework to support large scale design and engineering
  • Interaction issues among human, designed artefacts, and systems
  • Knowledge-intensive technologies for intelligent and sustainable systems
  • Emerging technology and convergence of technology fields presented with convincing design examples
  • Educational issues for academia, practitioners, and future generation
  • Proposal for new research directions as well as surveys and retrospectives on the mature field.
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